Steven J. Niles


Name: Steven J. Niles
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Steve is the other half of S&N Films, and has been involved with independent films since 1990. He is an experienced writer, director, and actor. When in front of the camera, Steve finds himself playing a broad range of characters ranging from maniacal villan to heroic everyman.


Acting Experience

 MovieRole Year
  Stew for Dinner Mitch2017
  Sinister Vines of Dr. Thorn Dr. Thorn2016
  The Infinite Machine Constructs2014
  Personal Assistance Ron Gilhorn2013
  Pigeon Soup The Butler2012
  Sex, Lies, and Fish The Butler2012
  The Infernal Mark2011
  Boom Boom Dolls Officer #1 / Carver2010
  The Footpath Strangler Strangler2009
  Revolution Room Keppler2009
  The Ax Darryl2008
  It Came From Uranus! Dr. Drake2007
  Interior Night Writer2007
  Lifeblood Carl Spencer2004
  Macrovirus Captain Sutton2003
  Slaughter Beach, DEad Nick2002
  The Butler in: Too Many Grooms The Butler2002
  Prisoner 847 Maynard Galavan2001
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Crew/Technical Experience

 Editor The Butler in: Too Many Grooms2002
Slaughter Beach, DEad2002
 Soundtrack Slaughter Beach, DEad2002
Prisoner 8472001
 Story Sex, Lies, and Fish2012
 Writer/Director Stew for Dinner2017
Stew for Dinner2017
Sinister Vines of Dr. Thorn2016
Satan's Crush2016
The Screaming Wall2016
The Infinite Machine2014
A Light in the Cats Eye2014
Personal Assistance2013
Wicked, Wicked World2012
Pigeon Soup2012
Sex, Lies, and Fish2012
The Infernal2011
Bachelorette Party Massacre2011
Death Runner2011
Bitter Red2010
Boom Boom Dolls2010
Liar's Mask2010
Revolution Room2009
The Footpath Strangler2009
The Ax2008
It Came From Uranus!2007
Interior Night2007
Between Floors2006
Slaughter Beach, DEad2002
Prisoner 8472001
NOTE: Only items specifically related to S&N Films are listed here.

Other Skills

Writing, editing, directing, stunts.

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