General Questions

What is the significance of "S&N"?
Starting back in the 1990's, Kevin Spotts and Steve Niles started making films.
Please notice that is is an "N" and not an "M". On more than one occasion, our name was misheard and the person was left thinking that we make S&M films.  We can assure you that fetish and bondage themes are not major elements in our films.
I am interested in working with S&N Films. How do I get started?
Go to our contact page and send a message to the Casting address.  Please tell us a little about yourself and what you would like to do.  Please include a resume if you have one.  Actors/actresses should also include one or more recent headshots.
I have written an amazing script. Will you buy it?
As a general rule, no.  S&N Films develops its own scripts internally.  While we understand how difficult it is to start out as a screenwriter and get noticed, unsolicited scripts will not be read and will be deleted from the Inbox immediately.
I am interested in working with someone who appeared in one of your movies. How do I get in touch with him/her?
In some cases we have published contact information for our actors and actresses.  If information is not posted, please go to our Contact page and send a message to the Contact address.  In the subject line, please include the person's name and we will forward your message along.
I am producing a movie and I need help.
That is not a question.  However, S&N Films has worked with other studios on various projects.  This has included, but it not limited to writing, production support (cinematography, lighting, and/or audio), and post-production services.  Please go to our Contact page and send a message to either Steve, Kevin, or the general Contact address with information on the project and someone will get back to you.
Did anybody really ask you these questions?

Online Theater Questions

What is so great about the new Online Theater?
As sure as death and taxes, Steve and Kevin are always going to make films.  In a world of increasing On-Demand content delivery, the Online Theater is our way of making it easier for you to see our films when you want to see them.
We will continue to make movies availble on DVD through Amazon.com, but with the Online Theater we will be able to make our movies available to you almost as soon as we finish the last note of music on the closing credits.
How does the Online Theater work?
Its fairly straight forward. Wanna see one of our movies? Perform the following steps:
  1. Click the "Rent Now..." link for the movie you are interested in seeing.  You will automatically be redirected to Paypal.
  2. Use Paypal to complete the transaction.  You may either enter your credit card directly, or login and use your existing Paypal account.
  3. After the transction is completed, you will be redirected back to our site.  Enter the email address you used for the Paypal transaction and click the button
  4. You will now see a list of active movie rentals for your email address.  Click the movie you want to watch.
  5. Sit back and enjoy!
Why Paypal?
We are using a Paypal for a number of reasons, but first and foremost S&N Films does NOT want your credit card number.  There is a burden of security that goes along with directly handling credit cards and we are more comfortable leaving this to the experts.  We are in the business of making movies, not creating hacker-proof websites and databases.
What do I need in order to watch your movies online?
First, you will need a computer.  Since you are reading this, we will assume this step is covered.  Next, you will need to have a credit card or a Paypal account to complete the transaction.  Finally, you will want a high-speed internet connection.  If you hear a bunch of squelchy noises and bursts of static before you can go on the internet, you will not have the best experience.
Do I need to install anything?
No.  Well, probably no.  As long as your computer has flash installed, you are good to go.  Not sure if you have flash installed?  If you have ever gone to YouTube and played a video, then you have flash.  If flash is not installed, you can go to Adobe.com and install the free flash player.
Why do I have to enter my email address everytime I come back to the Online Theater?
At this time, S&N Films does not put cookies on your machine.  We would like to keep it that way, but if we receive a significant number of requests we will revisit the architecture of the Online Theater.
What are you going to do with my email address?
We are going to blast you with so much spam that your children's-children's-children will be sorting through your Inbox for half-a-century.  Just kidding.
Nothing.  We use your email address as a login to our Online Theater because its easier to remember your own email address than some bizarre Paypal transaction number that looks like this: BVJHGFJH345HGKJKK45678HJBk.  We hate spam as much as you do and we will not start blasting you with emails trying to sell you stuff, nor will we sell your address to a third party.
Why is the playback jittery?
Its probably bandwidth related.  Either our server is experiencing a high amount of traffic, or one of us is hitting bottleneck between point-A and point-B.  Easiest thing to try is pausing the movie for a minute or so to allow more of the movie to accumulate in your system's buffer.
Still have a question?  Go to the Contact page and send a message to the appropriate address.  We will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.