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Interior NightManifestationBetween FloorsThe AxRandy


Five thrilling tales.  One exciting collection.  From the minds of Spruce Knob Studios and S&N Films, these stories range from supernatural to pure suspense, but all five stories have one element in common... thrills!

Interior Night

A writer working at home on a screenplay is interrupted by a desperate woman on the run and a sinister figure skulking in the shadows.

A psychologist performs a house-call to help a patient who has been seeing ghosts.
Between Floors

Barry thought he was getting away with murder. 
After an illicit encounter with a prostitute ends in violence, Barry's attempt to retrieve a critical piece of evidence linking him to the crime is threatened by the victim's inquisitive friend and an elevator stuck ... between floors.
The Ax

Lisa is having a very bad day. She discovered that her company is bribing senators, and now the company wants to 'fire' her. Lisa is about to get... 'the Ax'.

Randy is a cautionary tale about an exterminator who is dispatched to deal with a bug problem in a quiet subburban neighborhood. Randy's curiousity gets the better of him, and a wandering eye quickly lands the hapless exterminator in a situation that spirals out of control. Seeing no other way out, Randy resorts to doing what he does best. 
Killtech trained Randy to kill, and that's exactly what he's going to do.
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