Four to Midnight

Wicked, Wicked WorldBachelorette Party MassacreThe InfernalBoom Boom Dolls


This is the third collection of short thrillers from S&N Films.


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Wicked, Wicked World

For Ben and Judy, a camping vacation turns into a nightmare after an encounter with a pair of doomsday preppers.
Bachelorette Party Massacre

It was supposed to be a quiet bachelorette party, but when the monkey business began... the girls started dying. The bride-to-be will have to survive this night to make it to her big day.
The Infernal

A Catholic priest is summoned to perform the rite of exorcism to purge a demon from a possessed woman, but the unearthly creature has larger plans... and is not alone.
Boom Boom Dolls

A sexy tale of gold, murder, and mayhem.
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