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Personal AssistanceA Light in the Cats EyeThe Infinite Machine


Three cogs in the Infinite Machine:

Personal Assistance

From the wrong man, to the wrong job, to the wrong hair color, Brenda Bell's life is out of control. Fortunately for her, there's an app for that. DIVA (Digital Interactive Voice Assistant) is on the case, and the software is guaranteed to make Brenda's life better... no matter who gets in the way.
A Light in the Cats Eye

Technician Delia Alitce is new to Interstellar Observation and Navigation, but her role as caretaker of the Herschel Beacon is critical for guiding ships through the dense cloud of the Cat's Eye Nebula. Her only companion on board the beacon is the disembodied voice of the station's artificial intelligence. But when things start to go bump in the night, Delia may find that space is not as empty as she had thought.
The Infinite Machine

In the future, an infinite, universal machine mind has taken root to bring order to humanity, placing everyone on Earth in efficiently run containment camps. Now a small band of freedom fighters must find a way to break the oppressive grip of our own creation.



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