Debris from a collapsing star system has fallen to earth, and something came along for the ride. Relatively inert at low temperatures, this alien virus becomes active when it comes in contact with organic material on which it can feed.

In a top-secret government research facility, astrobiologist Natalie Golan and her team are hard at work researching a meteor fragment found in the wastes of Antarctica. However, the project is interrupted when a group of commandos breaks into the facility and steals the meteor fragment.

Meanwhile, a second meteor fragment from the same cluster has crashed intothe jungles of South America. A team of specialists is sent in to retrieve the artifact. Only this time, the fragment is no longer inert. The warm climate awakens the alien virus contained within the fragment, and the team must battle for their survival.

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DR. NATALIE GOLAN...Marci Tint-Kotay
TORI GRIFFIN...Kimberly Smitheman
CAPTAIN SUTTON...Steven J. Niles
SGT. MCKINNEY...Kevin D. Spotts
BRYCE...Edward J-F Hunt
JAKE DEMURE...Gregory Niles
MR. ROSS...Damir Zekhtser
DR. PAUL FINCH...Joe Chapman
HOWIE DUIN...Ray Givler
GUARD #1...David Errickson
GUARD #2...Damian Russo
Produced by:
Written and Directed by:
Cinematography by:
Post-Production by:
Soundtrack by:

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