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Five-to-Thrill is now available on DVD, and includes five unique short stories produced by S&N Films and Spruce Knob Studios.  The following titles are included in the collection:

  • Randy
  • The Ax
  • Between Floors
  • Manifestation
  • Interior Night

Available now through Amazon.com

approx. 80 minutes ~ 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio ~ 2.0 stereo



It Came From Uranus! is now available on DVD.  The DVD is available for sale through the following locations.  The DVD includes the feature film, the trailer, and outtake reel.

approx. 75 minutes ~ 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio ~ 2.0 stereo



Sorry... the Lifeblood DVD is not currently availble.


Macrovirus DVD


Sorry... the Macrovirus DVD is not currently availble.




The Cream-Colored Sofa   [ book ]
For Real Estate agent Andy Dublin, selling the dilapidated Colonial-era home he’s been charged with proves to be the easy part. His day only gets really complicated when the house’s resident ghost enlists his help to find her kidnapped husband. The duo set off together to solve the mystery involving mad scientists, crazed militants, and a pair of time-traveling encyclopedia salesmen dressed like Elvis. Soon the fate of the world is at stake, tied to an all-important set of Revolutionary War battle plans hidden inside the seat cushions of a nondescript Cream-Colored Sofa.

A Sidelong Glance at the Universe   [ book ]
Working a tourist information booth at an intergalactic space-port, Taasi Innsbruck could only watch with burning jealousy as throngs of space travelers passed through on their way to fantastic destinations across the stars. After turning down an opportunity to tour the galaxy with a dashing rogue, Taasi was certain her life would never expand beyond the confines of one dead-end asteroid. But when space adventurer Morton Taylor showed up at her booth a second time, she was determined to do things differently. And while Taasi’s cosmic journey did not begin the way she expected, she certainly never imagined it would end with her embroiled in a massive space war.