Steve and Kevin: The original Steaming Lizards of Sin

The STEAMING LIZARDS OF SIN (SLoS) is the name for the S&N Films' house band.  Originally formed in the early 90's, Steve and Kevin wrote and recorded "Weird Al" Yankovic style parodies of 90ís grunge and alternative songs, as well as satirical Spinal Tap-esque hard-rock songs.

Since those humble origins, SLoS has redirected songwriting efforts to focus on authoring soundtracks for independent films. 

Examples of SLoS' soundtrack work are available using the player below.

The Infinite Machine Sndtrk - Excerpts  

  Satan's Crush Soundtrack - Love Serpent

  Satan's Crush Soundtrack - Beauty Never Dies

  Sinister Vines of Dr. Thorn - (excerpt)

  The Infinite Machine Sndtrk - Excerpts

  Sex, Lies, and Fish - Closing Credits

  Pigeon Soup - Opening Theme

  Wicked Wicked World - Excerpts

  Boom Boom Dolls - Opening Theme

  Revolution Room Sndtrk - Excerpts

  It Came From Uranus Sndtrk - Closing Credits

  Between Floors Sndtrk - Closing Credits

  Randy Sndtrk - Closing Credits

  Lifeblood Sndtrk - Lair

  Lifeblood Sndtrk - Opening Credits